For the fearless, mindful & creative leaders.

A better world needs better leaders — human, adaptive and mindful. Leaders that understand empathy and its importance in creating a new economy. Leaders that aren't afraid to march first.

The Strategy Masterclass

A more human approach to strategy for the emerging creative leader.

The Mindful Entrepreneur

For entrepreneurs looking to create purpose in their journey, connecting their authentic selves with the art of business development.
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The Purposeful Career

The online course to help you navigate your career with your north star, your values and your purpose at the centre of your work.
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Creative Leadership

Are you ready to learn what it takes to challenge the status quo and lead disruption?
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The Competitive Landscape Matrix Tool

A strategic analysis tool used when mapping out the competitive landscape. 

The Mentorship Collection

A collection of articles form The Weekly Journal about finding a Mentor, or being the best Mentor you can be.

The Difficult Conversations Playbook

A Playbook for any domain — articles, checklists and references to help you handle difficult conversations.

The Apple Music Brand Strategy

Get under the skin of Apple Music's brand strategy in this 45-minute deep dive from The Strategy Masterclass online course.

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