The Apple Music Brand Strategy by MarchFirst ✊🏽
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The Apple Music Brand Strategy

Get under the skin of Apple Music's brand strategy in this 45-minute deep dive from The Strategy Masterclass online course. (Prices in USD)
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Discover the strategic principles that acted as guides for the Apple Music strategy.


Understand why partnerships played a key role in the design of the brand.


Learn about the starting points in the long journey that re-defined music for a whole new generation.


Understand why some design decisions were made, and why others weren't.

What's included?

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The Apple Music Brand Strategy Case Study
About Brand Strategy
The Apple Music Brand Strategy Case Study
46 mins
Apple's Next Products- Is a New Strategy Needed?
5 mins
Apple Music is Using a Smart Strategy to Catch Spotify
3 mins
Bozoma Saint John — WWDC 2016 — Innovation Copilots
6 mins
Extra resources