Coaching with Damian Karaula

Tap into Damian's decades of experience with founders and entrepreneurs helping them reach peak performance and scale into sustainable businesses.

Helping early-stage ventures scale and grow into sustainable businesses

Damian has spent over 20 years working with founders and entrepreneurs on the topic of human potential and peak performance.
With a strong background in entrepreneurship he helps early stage companies scale and grow into sustainable businesses. 
Damian is passionate about supporting business leaders, entrepreneurs and founders across the entire growth and development journey.
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Go-To-Market, Sales & Human Capital

Access the following areas of Damian's expertise, one session at a time:

  • Growth Mindset - With a background in  organisational psychology and research, Damian develops high-performance programs in collaboration with CEO’s, founders and leaders. 
  • Go-to-Market Strategy – Damian collaborates with founders and entrepreneurs across the entire business lifecycle, from start-up and scale-up through to growth and divestment. 
  • Sales Strategy - Building sales culture, strategy and performance, Damian work closely with founders across technology, construction and social enterprise. 
  • Human Capital – Damian takes a humanistic approach to managing people and performance, cultural change, risk and governance.
  • Organisational Transformation – Damian has facilitated cultural change and transformation programs across state and federal government departments, the Australian Defence Forces and across several investment banks.  
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