Coaching with Jim Antonopoulos

Access Jim Antonopoulos' expertise from a career spanning tech, creative and strategy roles, working with leadership teams around the world to help them embrace innovation and manage transformation.

Strategy, Culture & Innovation

Jim is an advocate for purposeful business, strategy and innovation.
With a career spanning 30 years helping organisations develop strategy and shaping change across organisational culture and leadership teams. Jim brings a human-centred approach to his work having worked in technology, creative, research and strategy roles throughout his career.

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Business design, innovation, brand building and industry leadership

Available as one-off, single-purchase coaching sessions, you can access the following areas of Jim Antonopoulos' expertise.

  • Business model innovation
  • Creative entrepreneurship and leadership
  • Career development
  • Design thinking and human-centred design
  • Strategy and innovation
  • Building and positioning a strategic design business
  • Brand, marketing and business strategy
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