Coaching with Paula Hagiefremidis by MarchFirst ✊🏽

Coaching with Paula Hagiefremidis

Access the insights and experience of Paula, the Mediterranean wanderer  passionate about connecting with your creativity, trusting your voice and pursuing what you love.

Creativity, passion and transformational change

Are you passionate about connecting with what you love, accessing your potential and pursuing your passion?

Paula has worked with women from around the world to help nourish their creative confidence, immerse in their pursuits and passions and acknowledge their power and confidence.
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Discover and empower your voice

Published in multiple magazines around Australia, Food Writer, Traveller and Creative Facilitator, Paula's expertise runs across the following areas:
  • Empowering your voice
  • Purpose and passion
  • Transformational change
  • Inner critic
  • Personal & creative roadblocks
  • Creative confidence
  • Getting unstuck
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