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Creative Leadership

Are you ready to learn how to challenge the status quo?

What are the attributes of disruptive, creative leaders?

Discover the key attributes of disruptive, creative leaders and how you can apply them to your career.

Key topics
  • Establishing vision
  • Accountability and responsibility
  • High-performance
  • Change and risk
  • Authority
  • Ideas and creativity
  • Empathy and people
  • Storytelling
  • Teams and leadership
  • Disruption

Some leaders are able to challenge the status quo and see across the horizon to places previoulsy unimagined.

Develop the platform for visioning that will bring together your team, your own leadership purpose and set the trajectory to build a career-long narrative. Lead teams with conviction and the tools to navigate uncertainty and change.

Jim Antonopoulos

With decades of experience in leading creative teams and corporate creativity and strategy, Jim brings a compelling view to the era of disruption and the leadership needed to navigate it.