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Membership to MarchFirst gives you access to a growing archive of articles, leadership briefings, resources and tools to help you reach your potential, and monthly video calls to coach and guide you through your journey as a fearless, mindful and purposeful creative leader.

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MarchFirst began as an email newsletter because we were often asked about the resources and tools we use in our work with leadership teams…

Hello ,

How are you?

Are you searching for the new normal or are you busy creating within the current normal?

I’ve kept busy working…
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Thank you for yet another wonderful monthly coaching session on the personal aspects of achieving product-market-fit.

I'm sure you are impacted as much as…
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Hi! 👋🏽

To celebrate all things October we are offering you 20% off all the products on the MarchFirst website.

  • Coaching Sessions with Damian, Jim…


Where did the month go?

For our October Hangout — we're talking about getting out of our comfort zones, stopping procrastination and all the…
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MarchFirst Slack Community

Join a thriving Slack community of purpose-driven, creative leaders from a diverse range of industries.

Discuss leadership, creativity, design, mindfulness and all things that matter to developing and discovering your creative leadership potential.
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The MarchFirst Membership

$19 / month
$190 / year (save 17%)
Monthly Video Sessions
True leadership transformation and growth happens with empathy in a safe space where we can all share our ideas, fears and vulnerabilities.

Join us as we check-in each month in a Member-only online video coaching session. Each month we focus on one theme in a live Q&A/Discussion where we share ideas, resources and tools with Members. All members also have access to the archive of online recordings.

MarchFirst Slack Community
All MarchFirst Archive and Community Members from around the world enjoy collaborating in our private, Slack Community.

Archive Access
Access a growing library of articles from The Weekly Journal of Creative Leadership by Jim Antonopoulos. With over 220 articles at the time of publication (March 2020), this archive is rich with insight and value.

Includes access to 3 products:
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Who is the MarchFirst Academy Membership for?

The community membership is ideal for you if:
  1. You are seeking to improve your capacity as a leader or find a path towards leadership.
  2. Discover mindfulness and purpose within the work you do.
  3. You are seeking mentorship, guidance and advice to run a purposeful business.
  4. You are an entrepreneur looking to start or scale.
  5. You want to disrupt the status quo and develop mindful, creative and purposeful leaders within your organisation. 

What if I can't make a monthly Member's sessions?

You don't have to attend every monthly Members sessions — Members will be able to access the library of all webinar recordings!

What do I receive with MarchFirst Academy Membership?

With the MarchFirst Academy Membership you receive everything available in the Briefings Membership as well as the following:
  • A monthly group video coaching session on a monthly theme covering purpose, entrepreneurship, leadership, starting and scaling ventures, mindfulness and resilience.
  • Access to a Member-only Slack community.
The goal of the Academy membership is to work together to develop our leadership skills, mentor one another through our careers and learn from one another to achieve a sustainable work/life balance.

When will the monthly Member's sessions be held?

Each session will be held at 2pm - 4pm AEST on the first Friday of every month except January. Each will be recorded for Members to access at any time.

Why USD?

All prices are in USD to allow you to compare to other, similar products available online and see that MarchFirst is competitively priced amongst them.

When are The MarchFirst Academy video calls?

The monthly video sessions are on the first Friday of every month from 2pm - 4pm AEST.