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March 26, 2020


MarchFirst began as an email newsletter because we were often asked about the resources and tools we use in our work with leadership teams.

Over that first year, we listened to early subscribers and members and began to put plans together for the next version of MarchFirst — an online community that coaches and learns together.

A community of learning, resources, and people who are driven to learn about becoming mindful, adaptive entrepreneurial leaders. 

You can become a member of MarchFirst and gain access to archives of content, monthly coaching and much more.

We have two membership options:

1. The Slack Community for Creative Leaders

A free Slack Community to share ideas, and discover creative leadership.

2. The MarchFirst Academy Membership

The MarchFirst Academy Membership will bring together a community of people driven to become better, mindful, adaptive and creative leaders. Accessing regular content and video webinars (both live and pre-recorded) we'll transform, learn and grow together. ($19USD per month)

Monthly Group Coaching  — Jump into a monthly webinar with Damian and Jim, discuss the month's topic, share ideas, and do the work to develop your creative, mindful, and entrepreneurial leadership skills.

Slack Community — Join a growing, global community of people who are doing very personal, transformational work to reach their leadership potential.

Private Slack Group — Access a private Slack group with all other Members to share reflections on each month's topic and the weekly questions.

Archive access — Access the full archive of The Weekly Journal of Creative Leadership and The MarchFirst Monthly Members recordings.

Tools and resources — Each month we'll share relevant resources, tools, and reading lists.

3. MarchFirst Personal Coaching

This is for the Fearless Entrepreneurs — the Founder, leader or business owner who wants real-world, authentic, no BS guidance on starting, scaling or simply running their enterprise.

Jim Antonopoulos & Damian Karaula will meet with you once a month to coach & support you through the key challenges you face as an entrepreneur. They'll help you navigate complexity, tap into your leadership potential and rise to your career challenges. 

Monthly Coaching includes:
  • A 30-minute briefing call to meet you and understand your business and the challenges you face. 
  • A briefing paper with simple yet powerful questions which will help you explore the challenges you face and the opportunity they bring. 
  • Then we will meet you for one 90-minute strategy session (or two 45-minute sessions) via Hangouts or Zoom, where we will discuss in detail your challenges and help you navigate them.
  • Coaches will also share with you relevant resources and tools to help you on your journey.

Answers to FAQs
  1. Yes, you can unsubscribe at any time.
  2. All prices are in USD
  3. Your membership fee funds a small team of inspired content creators and editors to provide you with the best content, tools, and resources to become a more authentic, mindful and creative leader.
  4. Yes, you can share the emails we send you. You're more than welcome to share each email to your networks but it would be much nicer if they became members.
  5. You'll receive an email fortnightly on a Monday at 8AM Australian Eastern Standard Time (AEST) except on public holidays and for a 3 - 4 week period over the Christmas/New Year period while we take a break with our families.

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MarchFirst Slack Community

Join a thriving Slack community of purpose-driven, creative leaders from a diverse range of industries.

Discuss leadership, creativity, design, mindfulness and all things that matter to developing and discovering your creative leadership potential.
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Monthly Group Coaching  Sessions
True leadership transformation and growth happens with empathy in a safe space where we can all share our ideas, fears and vulnerabilities.

Join us as we check-in each month in a Member-only online video coaching session. Each month we focus on one theme in a live Q&A/Discussion where we share ideas, resources and tools with Members. All members also have access to the archive of online recordings.

MarchFirst Slack Community
All MarchFirst Archive and Community Members from around the world enjoy collaborating in our private, Slack Community.

Archive Access
Access a growing library of articles from The Weekly Journal of Creative Leadership by Jim Antonopoulos. With over 220 articles at the time of publication (March 2020), this archive is rich with insight and value.
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