The Purposeful Career by MarchFirst ✊🏽

The Purposeful Career

The online course to help you discover how to lead a career with purpose, values and position yourself amongst others within your industry.

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Is it possible to have a career where creativity, profit, and my values are balanced?

A course to help you focus on the key aspects of a purposeful career through a series of personal stories, lessons, theory and a collection of resources and tools to help you make change happen.

Key themes
  • Mindset and attitude
  • Time and productivity
  • Ethos and values
  • Principles
  • Starting and scaling
  • Potential

Discover the key tools to lead a career with purpose — develop systems and principles that will help you do your best work and live your values.

Through a series of personal stories, theory and assignments, this course will help you take the first step towards creative leadership.  
Challenge yourself to find new mindsets, discover new practices and tools to fight perfectionism, imposter syndrome and uncover your leadership potential.